Our Emergency & Critical Care Veterinary Services for Dogs & Cats.

+Contact info for Grand Junction’s After-hours Emergency Vet Center

Sky Canyon Veterinary Hospital treats veterinary medical emergencies & critical care situations here during our business hours. We also can refer you to Grand Junction’s Veterinary Emergency Medical Center as needed, which is open at night and on the weekends. Scroll down for After-Hours Emergency Vet information.

Situations that constitute an emergency include: Deep cuts or broken bones, Bleeding, Poisoning, Violent vomiting, Eating chocolate, Being hit by a car, Inability to breathe, and Various traumas.  

If you think your pet has a life-threatening emergency, call us ASAP at 970.985.4911

One of our staff members will advise you once we know your emergency and can assess the situation based on time of day. We treat emergency medical situations on-site, and also can refer to Grand Junction’s veterinary emergency medical center as needed. 

Critical Care Protocol

When your pet has a condition that’s not life-threatening but can’t wait for a regular appointment, it’s designated as “critical care.”

If you feel your pet needs critical care treatment, call us at: 970.985.4911

 Once we know what’s going on, we’ll work to get your pet treated between scheduled appointments. When you arrive at our hospital, the staff will advise you on the wait time.

Our Location

Sky Canyon Veterinary Hospital 2387 River Road, #140

Grand Junction, CO 81505


Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 8 am-5:30 pm

After Hours Emergency Vet Clinic

Grand Junction, Colorado

If your medical emergency for your cat or dog occurs after were closed, please contact Grand Valley Veterinary Emergency center. They are open at night an on weekends. 

1660 North Ave. 
Grand Junction, CO 81501



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