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Fireworks Calming Tips For Pets

Fireworks Calming Tips for Pets

Most people love the excitement and beauty of fireworks on the Fourth of July holiday, but most pets don’t. With that in mind, here are some fireworks calming tips for pets.

Fireworks Make Pets Want to Hide Or Run Away

The explosions and booms of fireworks, plus the sharp, repeatedly pops of fire crackers, have an effect on animals similar to thunder, i.e. they perceive it as danger and want to hide or run.

Did You Know: More dogs run away on the Fourth of July holiday than any other time of the year.

Fireworks Calming Tips for Pets: A lot of Common Sense Involved

When it comes to helping your pets get through the July 4th holiday without running away, or shivering in fear for days on end, common sense applies. And the number one strategy is to muffle the scary noises for your pets, and keep them away from the July 4th partying.

Fireworks Calming Tips for Pets Strategy 1: Muffle the Noise of the Fireworks

There are multiple ways to do this:

  • Keep your pets inside, in an interior room or the basement.
  • Create “white noise” where your pets are staying in the form of a peaceful music playlist that runs for hours, a fan or air conditioner, or turning on the TV

Fireworks Calming Tips for Pets Strategy 2: Let Your Pets Hide

During thunderstorms, most animals “go to ground,” i.e. they seek a low, protected place to hide and ride out the storm, such as a den, burrow, cave, or underneath a structure.You can appeal to this instinct by providing a safe space where your pets can hide. Examples include

  • Leave a closet door open and let them hide in the back of the closet
  • Let them hide under furniture such as a dining table or a piano
  • Cover the top of their crate with a towel so it feels more protected

Fireworks Calming Tips for Pets Strategy 3: Use Calming Agents

  • If you’re going to go for calming meds for your pet, get them from your veterinarian.
    Acepromizine, Xanax, and Valium can help decrease the anxiety your pets feel from loud noises.
    Note: Pets should have had an exam and blood work in the past year for your veterinarian to dispense calming meds for your pet for the Fourth of July holiday.

Fireworks Safety Tips To Keep Pets from Running Away

The other danger on July 4th is that pets panic and run away. Here are some tips to keep your pets from leaping fences, busting out of gates, and generally do whatever they can to escape the scary noises.

Leash pets for nature breaks in the back yard: Many runaway animals were “safely” in the backyard when they ran away. To prevent this, take them out in the backyard for nature breaks and keep them on a leash.

LOCK all gates: When animals are on a mission to get away from something scary, they turn into Houdini escape artists. To help offset this, don’t just close your gates. LOCK them if you’re going to let them be outside and not on a leash.

Make sure Pet IDs are in place: In the event that your pet escapes and runs away from the scary firework noises, make sure they have ample identification. This includes a well-fitting, snug collar with ID tags. If your pet has been microchipped, stop by your veterinarian, have them scan for the microchip to make sure the ID number comes up. Then, double check with the microchip company and make sure your contact information is associated with your pet’s microchip account. (You’d be surprised how many pet owners don’t know they have to register their contact information with the microchip company.)

Do NOT take your pets to the fireworks: It’s fun for the family but not for animals. Set up your pets in a quiet, safe place in your home, and leave them at home when you go see the fireworks.

Implement these fireworks calming tips for pets to help your pets get through this holiday that’s fun for humans and terrifying for pets.

If you need to microchip your dog or cat, or get some calming agents to help your pets through the July 4th holiday, contact Sky Canyon Veterinary Hospital at: 970.985.4911, or Email Us.

Sky Canyon Veterinary Hospital Pet Parents Alert: Sky Canyon Veterinary Hospital is offering 10% off calming meds for pets who get panicked by the fireworks. (Must be a Sky Canyon Veterinary Hospital client, with an exam and blood work within the past 12 months.)

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