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Jax’s Story

Meet Jax! At 12 weeks old he had survived more than most experience in an entire lifetime. When he was only 10 weeks old, he was ran over by an automobile. With out the hard work of our friends at the Grand Valley Veterinary Emergency Center he would not be alive today!

Jax was diagnosed with bilateral metacarpal transverse fractures (meaning that both of his front feet were broken).  He underwent surgery to re-align his front paws using metal plates, screws and wire. 

Having multiple cast changes and weekly hospital visits, he displayed the very best of attitudes. He stole the hearts of everyone here at Sky Canyon. He continued to grow stronger every day.  At twenty-one weeks old, his casts were removed. It was then that he had to learn to walk all over again.  Taking things literally one step at a time, he was able to build up the muscles necessary. Today he is able to walk, jump and play.

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