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FREE Pet Parent Guide To The Health Benefits Of Cat & Dog Dental Cleaning Available Now!

FREE Pet Parent Guide to the Health Benefits of Cat & Dog Dental Cleaning Available Now!

Since February is National Pet Dentistry Month, we’re highlighting the importance of cat & dog dental cleaning.

Periodontal disease is the most universal disease found in dogs & cats – with most pets showing signs of gum disease and tooth decay by 3 years of age.

Veterinary medical research shows that gum disease in pets causes systemic inflammation and damages the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and even the brain.

Lack of regular dental care (cat or dog dental cleaning) literally shortens your pet’s lives.

With all this in mind, Sky Canyon Veterinary Hospital has just introduced a free Pet Parent Guide to the Health Benefits of Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning.

This free guide on the basics of cat & dog dental cleaning is written in an easy-to-read, down-to-earth manner, and it explains the following:

  • How gum disease can make your pet’s sick and shorten their lives
  • The top 10 signs of dental disease in pets
  • The top 2 actions pet parents can take to prevent dental disease in their pets
  • Veterinary Dental Care: What’s involved in a professional teeth cleaning for pets
  • Home Pet Dental Care: How to brush your dog or cat’s teeth

This Pet Parent Guide on Cat & Dog Dental Cleaning also explains and debunks a trendy new pet dentistry service called Non-anesthesia Teeth “Cleanings.” We explain what this procedure involves, and why this procedure is both ineffective, dangerous, and very scary for most pets. We also provide a list of the veterinary medical associations and veterinary dental associations worldwide that have rejected anesthesia-free pet teeth cleaning and labeled it a “worthless and dangerous procedure.”

If you’ve been considering cat or dog dental cleaning sessions for the felines or canines in your household, please read this handy guide on cat & dog dental cleaning, and become an informed consumer of pet dental care (as well as learning how to brush your pet’s teeth).

Periodontal disease in pets can cause:

  • Gingivitis (red, swollen, painful gums)
  • Chronic pain & lessened quality of life
  • Loss of bone and soft tissue that hold your pet’s teeth in place
  • Development of holes from the oral cavity up into the nasal passages
  • Weakening of your pet’s jaw bones followed by fractures to the jaw bone
  • Bone infections
  • Systemic inflammation from bacteria traveling from diseased gums through the body
  • Damage to your pet’s heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys, which shortens their life.

Here is a compelling perspective: Periodontal disease in pets is the most common disease occurring in adult dogs and cats, and it is preventable.

During the month of February 2018, Sky Canyon Veterinary Hospital will be offering free pet toothbrushes for pet parents who get a cat or dog dental cleaning during the month.

If you’re considering a cat or dog dental cleaning, please contact Sky Canyon Veterinary Hospital at: 970.985.4911, or Email Us to schedule an appointment for pet dental care.

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